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ARI 4 Book 1 Foxes and Farms ARI 4 Book 2 Rivers and Races ARI 4 Book 3 Popsicles and Poems ARI 4 Book 4 Cartons and Clouds ARI 4 Book 5 Pets and Plums ARI 4 Book 6 Bracelets and Barbers
ARI 4 Book 7 Watchdogs and Waves ARI 4 Book 9 Carnivals and Cupboards ARI 4 Book 10 Freckles and Forests ARI 4 Book 11 Sheriffs and Showers ARI 4 Book 12 Sawfish and Snow

Sample Extracts from ARI 4 Titles Please feel free to view the sample extracts from our publications. You may print out the extracts if you wish. To view the PDF versions you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

View sample extract from Book 1
View sample extract from Book 2
View sample extract from Book 10

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