For each section of BRI Sets 1–3, and ARI Sets 1–5, there is a 16-page SPELL STUDY LIST for children to use at home, either to demonstrate the words he/she can spell or to involve parents in homework.

Both levels of the INSTRUCTOR’S HANDBOOK and accompanying STUDY LISTS serve an additional purpose. They provide a means of ensuring that a child is generalizing the handling of taught correspondences to 'all words' and not just those encountered in the books.

The Instructor’s Handbook for ARI serves a final purpose of rendering transparent the “scope and sequence” of ARI instruction. This is clear by inspection in BRI. But the structure of ARI is too complicated to be grasped from looking at the books. The linguistic “anatomy” of ARI is displayed in the SPELL lists.

SPELL Study List Series (for each section of BRI Sets 1-3)

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This set includes 6 Books, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 16 pages, b&w illustrations

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