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If you have a child in school in grade 1-4 who is struggling to read:

“When I listened to the kids today all I could think of was how BRI is like laser surgery. It goes right to a weak area and fixes it. No wasted information. Say the sounds and read. Perfect. Kids love being in books they can read …”
Teacher & Tutor

READ is a gentle and lively introduction to early reading instruction and begins with just three words and five letter/sounds: /I/ /s/ /ee/ /a/ /m/. The ‘ee’ is introduced immediately to give children an ‘advance warning’ that a letter/sound can involve more than one letter.

Strong decoding practices are put in place and all-through-the-word left-to-right tracking is embedded immediately. The instructions are simple and direct. While the storyline is carried by spirited, energetic pictures, the words cannot be ‘read’/guessed and illustrations contain no clues to the words on the page.

When a child is struggling, READ immediately asks the learner to practice decoding skills rather than to focus on a whole raft of ‘deficits’. Each child is quickly assessed with PERFORMANCE INDICATOR TESTS (see Free Resources) to establish the optimum starting place. From that point onwards, consistent BRI instruction promotes skills-based, decoding practice to ensure success.


Children who have spent hours puzzling over how reading skills can be accessed find it immensely satisfying to begin to comprehend the alphabetic code and ‘really read’ a book immediately. For the adult, the book can seem slight; to the child, it is an immense source of pride and relief. Confidence building starts here!

In addition, READ raises awareness of the individual components of a basic story: 'who', 'where', 'when', and 'what', encouraging children to engage with the stories, and also to identify with the gentle foibles and humor of Sam the Lion, Mat the Rat, and friends.

No prior training is necessary to conduct the instruction. Simple instructions are incorporated in each book and provided that they are followed, and the person conducting the instruction resists the temptation to 'over-help', progress will be transparent. Each child will adopt a decoding strategy as default, rather than 'whizzing' through a book and memorizing words or desperately looking for another ‘strategy’ to bail him/her out.

Every child’s progress is apparent through the increasingly complex text she/he can read. External cumulative records are also important and READ includes a battery of psychometrically sound tests to certify learning acquisition. These straightforward and quick-to-administer tests give a clear and transparent indication of exactly what has been learned and what still needs to be mastered in order to become a certified reader.