If you are a tutor or a volunteer 

3RsPLus tutor and volunteer imageIf you initiate READ instruction with kindergarten children, virtually all children will learn how to read any text that is age-related. And with the help of 3RsPlus SPELL instruction, each child will learn to spell any word he/she wants to write.
Using READ, the acquisition of reading and spelling skill is transparent to child, teacher, and parent, and accountability is demonstrated using psychometrically sound READING/SPELLING MASTERY TESTS. Some children can “graduate” as Certified Readers after completing only two or three sets of READ.  More can graduate after five or six sets, while some need all eight sets.  With this foundation, no further formal instruction in reading instruction will be required. The children will still have a lot to learn, but they will have learned to read and now can read to learn.

The Mastery Tests provide a mechanism for dealing with any children designated as “problem readers” in any Grade.  Problem students in Grade 1-4 can be optimally placed in READ instruction very quickly. Problem students in the upper grades can be instructed using the READ-M Series, a different instructional architecture that capitalizes on whatever reading expertise the student has acquired and on the advanced maturity of these students compared to younger students.

READ and SPELL work effectively without other instructional programs.  Where this is done, instruction can be limited to around a half hour per day.  Reading and spelling homework can also be reduced, with every minute of instructional time contributing directly to advancing the student’s reading and spelling skills.

The linguistic structure of READ and SPELL and the fact that the only instruction is “Say the sounds and read the word” makes the program particularly effective with English Language Learners.  The instruction starts with only 5 letter/sounds and 3 words, and builds from that point, very gradually increasing the number of words the child is able to read and understand.  Each child’s increasing expertise in both spoken and written English is transparent to the teacher, student, and parent. 

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